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Leaney Primary School

YearS 1 & 2


In Foundation Stage we have three classes- Mrs Thompson Year 1, Miss Calderwood Year 1/2 and Mrs Ewing Year 2.

Topics studied during 2023-2024
Mrs Thompson: All about me, Space, Fairytales, Big Creatures, the Jungle.

Miss Calderwood and Mrs Ewing: Fabulous Food, Winter Wonderland, The Farm, Castles, Pirates.

What should your child have with them each day?
Mrs Thompson and Miss Calderwood:

Please note that children do not need to bring a pencil case. All stationery will be provided in school. They should have their schoolbag, lunch bag if required, coat. If you could send a small pack of tissues and hand gel in their school bag that would be great. 

Mrs Ewing's class only:

At least two sharpened pencils

A pencil sharpener

A rubber


Felt tips

Hand sanitiser

Small pack of tissues

We are currently unable to provide toast/pancakes in school for break time. Please send in a healthy break for your child each day, so that children aren’t confused about foods for break/lunch please put their break time snack/drink into their school bag so that it is separate from lunch food.

We have watercoolers in school which children can avail of to refill their water bottles (plastic please with name on them).

As the days are getting cooler and we like to be outside as much as possible it is important that your child has a waterproof coat with them every day. Please practise  putting on their coat with them at home so that they may be able to do it independently and have a go at fastening it – you will appreciate the help this is when getting ready throughout the school day.

Mrs Thompson's Year 1 Class

P.E. Slippers
P.E. slippers/trainers are required for each P.E. session.
Please send your child’s P.E. footwear in a bag with names on everything and this can stay in school on their coatpeg. PE days: Mrs Thompson’s class THURSDAY, Miss Calderwood WEDNESDAY and Mrs Ewing TUESDAY.

Please ensure your child has their name clearly marked on ALL ITEMS of their belongings (coats, jumpers, school bags, lunch boxes, etc.). 

Lunch boxes
If your child is bringing their own packed lunch to school they can place their lunch box on the shelf outside their classroom. Please ensure their name is clearly marked on their lunchbox. You may also send food in disposable packaging if you wish.

All pupils should be collected from the rear of the building at the white doors. Teachers will bring pupils out at home time. Please also ensure your child knows who they are going home with and if there is any change please inform your child’s teacher in advance.

Miss Calderwood’s Year 1/2 Class

Mrs Ewing's Year 2 Class