12 Intermediate Road, Ballymoney, Co Antrim

028 2766 2666


Leaney Primary School

House Teacher:  Mrs Hanna

House Captains:  Oliva and Matthew

House Teacher:  Mr Moore

House Captains: Amber-Rose and Jake McC

House Teacher: Miss Alexander

House Captains: Harry and Annabel

House Teacher: Miss L Campbell

House Captains: Jake McM and Matilda

House Points are awarded daily  for: kindness, progress, respect, co-operation, honesty, achievement, perseverance, fairness, helping others and completing good work.

Special Events

Term 1: House Games/House Quiz

Term 2: House Treasure Hunt/Connecting Wall

Term 3: House Games



Previous Winners

2012-2013: Panthers
2013-2014: Pumas
2014-2015: Pumas
2015-2016: Panthers
2016-2017: Jaguars

2017-2018: Leopards

2018-2019: Leopards

2019 - 2020: Jaguars and Leopards

2020-2021: Pumas

2021-2022: Leopards

2022-2023: Pumas

Current Total

Jaguars:  45

Leopards: 48

Panthers: 50

Pumas:  44



Well done to the Jaguars who won this year's house quiz!

Well done to the Leopards who won the first set of house games this year!