12 Intermediate Road, Ballymoney, Co Antrim

028 2766 2666


Leaney Primary School

House Teacher:  Mrs Hanna

House Captains:  Oliva and Matthew

House Teacher:  Mr Moore

House Captains: Amber-Rose and Jake McC

House Teacher: Miss Alexander

House Captains: Harry and Annabel

House Teacher: Miss L Campbell

House Captains: Jake McM and Matilda

House Points are awarded daily  for: kindness, progress, respect, co-operation, honesty, achievement, perseverance, fairness, helping others and completing good work.

Special Events

Term 1: House Games/House Quiz

Term 2: House Treasure Hunt/Connecting Wall

Term 3: House Games



Previous Winners

2012-2013: Panthers
2013-2014: Pumas
2014-2015: Pumas
2015-2016: Panthers
2016-2017: Jaguars

2017-2018: Leopards

2018-2019: Leopards

2019 - 2020: Jaguars and Leopards

2020-2021: Pumas

2021-2022: Leopards

2022-2023: Pumas

Current Total

Jaguars:  81

Leopards: 96

Panthers: 103

Pumas:  103



Well done to the Pumas who won the Treasure Hunt and Connecting Wall!

Well done to the Jaguars who won this year's house quiz!

Well done to the Leopards who won the first set of house games this year!